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Help! I Just Lost My Job

Monday, January 5, 2009
Help – I Just Lost My Job!
Sometimes you know it’s coming, and sometimes it takes you completely by surprise. Maybe it’s because you did something wrong, or maybe you’re just a victim of downsizing, reorganizing, outsourcing, or the poor economy. No matter how it happens, losing your job can have a profound affect on your finances, your future plans, and your emotional well-being. Join us this Friday when we talk about how to handle job loss with resilience and financial savvy. This show is from our archives, so we won’t be taking calls today.

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Lose a job to Facebook?

On August 19th State of Affairs will be discussing Employers, Privacy and Social Media. It’s a fancy title that simply means, did your pictures of you doing an upside down tequila shot at your favorite college bar cost you that great job at the accounting firm? Or you, what about those “private” pictures you posted on your blog for approved access only? Did you know your ex-boyfriend passed the access around and that’s why you are no longer teaching first grade?

Many of us have made the mistake of posting personal information in a not-so-personal space. State of Affairs wants to hear your story for our show on Tuesday, August 19th (11:00 am to 12:00 pm). Post it here, e-mail the show ( or give us a call during the program. Or if you dare, send us a link to your blog.