Paul, Conway Spar At Fancy Farm

Conway won the coin toss and spoke first. He quickly went on the attack, accusing Republican Rand Paul of back-pedaling and waffling on the issues. Paul fired back, accusing Conway of running away from Democrats in Washington when it’s expedient in Kentucky.

Mongiardo Endorses Conway

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway has picked up a key endorsement in the U.S. Senate race. But the endorsement still leaves lingering questions. At issue was Mongiardo’s almost $80,000 campaign debt and whether or not the Conway camp had agreed to help retire the debt. Apparently that issue remains unresolved

State of the News

For this week’s edition of State of the News we’re going to start with a look at our enivorment (chemicals in the water, anyone?). Next, with less than a month left until JCPS starts back to school, we’ll get an update on reivews, raises and lawsuits. Finally, it’s politicking time again and we’ll hear what happened at the debates this week for the Mayor and Senate races. Join us Friday for this week’s State of the News.