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Abramoff to Lead Ethics Session for State Lawmakers

Former Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff  will be a featured speaker at an ethics session for state lawmakers at the beginning of the 2012 General Assembly.

The Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission invited Abramoff to lead a 90-minute session scheduled for January 4 on how his corrupt actions led to his rise in Washington and eventual imprisonment. In 2006, Abramoff, who has been called the most “notorious and crooked lobbyist” in modern times, began a three and a half year prison sentence after pleading guilty to tax evasion, fraud and corrupting public officials.

Since then, Abramoff has been a symbol of political corruption and a pariah for many public officials. But state ethics commission chairman George Troutman says Abramoff’s visit will give lawmakers an inside look at how corruption works and what to avoid.

“What better to have than somebody that’s been there that can address the problems from having been in the ring with these problems. And that’s why we choose him,” he says.