Solar Storm Could Play Havoc With Modern Technology; How to Raise a Billion Dollars; The Hottest Pepper in the World: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm: The largest solar storm in five years is battering the earth today with particles traveling at four million miles per hour, and the potential to shake the planet’s magnetic field, disrupt utility grids & satellite networks, and make GPS less accurate. The storm could also trigger communication problems and additional radiation around the north […]

McConnell Predicts Agreement On Infrastructure Improvements

From Dan Conti, Kentucky Public Radio Kentucky’s senior U.S. Senator says he believes Republicans and Democrats in Congress can come together on a plan to improve the nation’s infrastructure. Republican Mitch McConnell says the general idea has bipartisan support. “Everybody knows we have a crumbling infrastructure. Infrastructure spending is popular on both sides. The question […]

Bridge To Be Closed For Weeks; Officials Working On Traffic Plan

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels says the Sherman Minton Bridge will remain closed for more than three weeks, as engineers inspect the bridge for more structural faults and determine how to repair them. Daniels ordered the nearly 50 year old span shut down Friday after inspectors discovered cracks in two support beams. Indiana Department of Transportation […]

Beshear Promises Assistance to Evaluate Sherman Minton Bridge

The Sherman Minton Bridge was closed indefinitely Friday by Indiana transportation officials after a crack in a load-bearing element was found during a routine inspection. In a statement, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear promised to help Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and ensure public safety until the bridge can be inspected more thoroughly. “I have directed the […]

Kentucky’s Infrastructure

STATE OF AFFAIRS 02/16/11: Roads. Water. Bridges. Services we use every day but rarely think about unless something goes wrong. These are part of a dozen categories that make up Kentucky’s infrastructure. In a report card just just released by the Kentucky section of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the commonwealth received a “C” overall, with drinking water scoring highest and bridges lowest. We sit down with local engineers and experts to talk about how these marks were determined, what they mean for Kentucky, and what is the status of infrastructure throughout the comonwealth.  Listen to the Show

Society Of Civil Engineers Gives Kentucky Roads And Bridges D Grade

The report states that the condition of Kentucky’s bridges has deteriorated because of a lack of funding. It estimates the cost of repairing or replacing the state’s structurally-deficient bridges at over a billion dollars.

Further, the report cites more than forty billion dollars worth of road projects on the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s work list that are in need of funding..

Metropolitan Sewer District

Many of us don’t give much thought to our sewer system until our yard, basement or neighborhood floods. Then it’s just nasty and we’re all left wondering, “how did this happen”? Well here in Louisville, MSD, or the Metropolitan Sewer District, is in charge of all things sewer and drainage. But with aging infrastructure, flood clean-up costs, and capital projects on the horizon, like many of us, MSD is facing some tough financial times. Join us on Monday when we get an update on MSD and call us with your questions.  Listen to the Show

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Exploring the Systems that Make Our World Work

Do you use electricity? Drive on the interstate? Drink water from the tap? If so, then congratulations – you’re on the grid, one of the millions of people who depend on infrastructure to live. Join us this Thursday as we talk with Scott Huler about his new book, “On the Grid,” an exploration into how infrastructure makes our communities work and why, in some ways, the system is only hanging by a thread.  Listen to the Show

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