Indiana House Democrats Again Delay Legislative Business

The Indiana House of Representatives remains in recess until Monday afternoon, as the chamber did not have enough members present this morning to conduct business. About three dozen Democrats continue their boycott of the proceedings over a Republican-led labor bill. Democrats have filed an amendment that would require any “right-to-work” law passed by the GOP […]

Bauer: Indiana “Right-to-Work” Amendment Could Be Ready Friday

The leader of the boycotting Indiana House Democrats says they’re working hard to find a way for a voter referendum on the contentious right-to-work bill will survive questions on whether it’s allowed under the state constitution. Democratic leader Patrick Bauer said the proposal could be prepared as soon as tomorrow. That could clear the way […]

Indiana House Democrats Again Delay Action On “Right-to-Work” Bill

Democrats in the Indiana House are again delaying a action on a controversial “right-to-work” measure pushed by the Republican majority. The House was supposed to consider Democratic amendments to the bill today, including a proposal to allow voters to decide if the state should adopt the policy related to the collection of union dues. But […]

Indiana House To Hold “Right-to-Work” Hearing Next Week

The full Indiana House of Representatives will hold a hearing on the contentious “right-to-work” bill next week. It’s part of a deal between party leaders that will apparently end a Democratic boycott of House business. The Republican-led measure would prohibit unions at private companies from collecting mandatory representation fees. The issue has sparked union demonstrations […]

Indiana House Panel Passes “Right-to-Work” Measure

From the Associated Press: A panel of Indiana lawmakers has voted along party lines to move divisive right-to-work legislation to the full House of Representatives.   The House Employment, Labor and Pensions Committee voted 8-5 this morning to advance a ban on contracts that require workers to pay union fees for representation. The panel’s Republican […]

Bauer: Boycotting Democrats Returning To House Floor

From the Associated Press: Indiana House Democrats are ending a three-day boycott of the Legislature over a contentious labor bill but are not promising to stay long enough to allow a final vote on the divisive measure. House Democratic Leader Patrick Bauer told The Associated Press that Democrats are returning “just for today.” Indiana Republicans […]

Update: Democrats Delay Indiana House Session

Indiana House Democrats delayed the start of their chamber’s legislative session today. Most remained behind closed doors in opposition to a so-called “right-to-work” bill being pushed by the Republican majority. The lack of a quorum forced Republican Speaker Brian Bosma to postpone the start of House business until Thursday afternoon. House Democratic leader Patrick Bauer […]

Indiana House GOP, Democratic Leaders Meet

The two leaders discussed labor and education bills that Democrats find objectionable and want withdrawn from consideration. Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma says he won’t take any bills off the calendar. Democratic Leader Patrick Bauer planned to return to Urbana, Illinois but said the two sides moved a bit closer to compromise.