Indiana Begins Gathering Input for Raw Milk Study

Indiana officials begin gathering online input this week for a study on the sale of raw milk. The information will be turned to the 2013 General Assembly. Current Indiana law prohibits the sale of milk that has not been pasteurized. But its proponents say raw milk from pasture-fed animals contains beneficial nutrients depleted by the […]

Daniels Signs Nepotism, Open Meetings Bills; Still Mulling Police Entry Measure

From the Associated Press: Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels has signed into law bills cracking down on nepotism in local government and toughening penalties for public access violations Daniels signed the measures Monday along with another bill that reduces the number of state boards and commissions. Public officials will now face court fines if they violate […]

Daniels Signs Smoking Bill; Will Take Effect July 1

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has signed the state’s smoking ban into law. The law prohibits smoking in many public places, including restaurants and other work sites, but includes exemptions for casinos, bars, private clubs and other buildings. Daniels says that although everyone might not have been happy with the bill, it was best to get […]

Indiana Officials Preparing for Smoking Ban Enforcement

The Indiana State Health Commissioner says it will mostly be left up to citizens to report violations of the Hoosier State’s new smoking ban. The law passed on the last day of the 2012 legislature prohibits smoking in many public buildings, but includes exemptions for casinos, bars, private clubs and other sites. Commissioner Dr. Gregory […]

Indiana House Approves Smoking Ban

By a vote of 60 to 33, the Indiana House of Representatives has approved a watered down statewide smoking ban that contains numerous exemptions, including loopholes for bars and taverns. The compromise measure emerged today following several days of negotiations by House and Senate lawmakers. The Senate will vote on the measure tomorrow. That’s where […]

Anti-Smoking Groups Urging ‘No” Vote On Proposed Indiana Smoking Ban

From the Associated Press: Sponsors of the Indiana smoking ban bill scrambled today to line up support among legislators for their proposal even as health advocates began lobbying against it because the compromise version doesn’t cover bars and taverns. The Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air and the American Cancer Society argue the exemption for bars […]

Indiana Lawmakers Still Negotiating Smoking Ban Compromise

From the Associated Press: House sponsors of Indiana’s proposed smoking ban bill say they’re still pushing to have bars included in the ban while time dwindles in this year’s legislative session. A draft compromise that’s been circulating among lawmakers would exempt bars from the ban. But House sponsors say they aren’t sure whether they will […]

Indiana General Assembly Winding Down

With information from the Associated Press Indiana lawmakers are working toward final agreement on several tax and spending issues in the last days of this year’s legislative session. House and Senate budget leaders have agreed on a plan to prohibit school districts from charging fees for full-day kindergarten in a bill directing millions of dollars […]

Negotiations Underway On Indiana Smoking Ban

A panel of Indiana House and Senate lawmakers has begun work on a compromise statewide smoking ban. Both chambers have passed smoking ban bills, but the Senate version contains more exemptions, including a loophole for bars and taverns. Rep. Eric Turner, who authored the House measure, says he can’t support another Senate provision that would […]