65,000 U.S. High School Graduates Per Year Are Undocumented, Unable to Enroll in College

In this week’s LEO Weekly, Joe Sonka wrote about the DREAM Act, through the story of a 19-year-old student who was brought to the USA, undocumented, at age 10. She now faces possible deportation if she tries to enroll in a university, and limited opportunities otherwise. Joe joined us on Friday afternoon’s State of the […]

Indiana Attorney General to Defend Immigration Law From Permanent Injunction

The Indiana Attorney General’s office will continue to defend a controversial immigration law that was partially struck down by a federal judge last month. The judge temporarily blocked provisions in the law that restricted immigrants’ use of identification provided by foreign consulates and allowed police to arrest anyone whose immigration status was in question. The […]

Indiana Committee Drops Arizona-Style Provisions From Immigration Bill

Indiana’s proposed immigration bill no longer includes an Arizona-style provision that would allow police to ask the immigration status of people they believe to be in the country illegally. The House Public Policy Committee made several changes Thursday to the bill proposed by Republican Senator Mike Delph. The panel could vote on the measure Friday.

Critics Say Senate Immigration Bill Will Be Expensive, Difficult To Enforce

Hopkinsville Police Chief Guy Howie believes the bill will increase costs because it will require additional training for police officers. He also fears it will put an additional strain on local jails. Marilyn Daniel of a legal clinic in Lexington says there are many varying levels of immigration status, and that will make the law even more difficult to enforce.

Lawmakers Return To Frankfort

Lawmakers met for four days in early January, mostly to elect officers, but the Senate also approved a host of bills backed by that chamber’s Republican majority.

In coming days, the Democratically-controlled House will take up the Senate bills, which address issues like immigration enforcement, charter schools, tax reform, Medicaid fraud and government transparency.