U.S. Attorneys Investigate Humana’s Southern Florida Healthcare Providers

The U.S. Attorney’s Office is investigating some of Humana’s southern Florida affiliates and providers for possible violations of Medicare regulations. In Humana’s annual report, it says since January, U.S. attorneys have requested information from Humana and some southern Florida affiliates for alleged violations to the coding of medical claims and loans to physicians.

Humana Reaches Agreement With Ad Company Following Limbaugh’s Remarks

Reporting from the Associated Press A dispute over the name “Concentra” that was triggered by a backlash over ads that ran on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program has been settled. Maine-based Selfworx.com is affiliated with the marketing Preval Group, which aired an ad for Concentra memory-enhancement pills on Limbaugh’s show on March 5. The name caused Louisville-based […]

City Faces $6 Million Deficit, Humana CEO to Retire, Palin Endorses P’Pool: Afternoon Review

In case you started the weekend early, here are some of the stories we’ve covered today that you may have missed.

Louisville Metro Government is facing a $6 million deficit based on early revenue projections. The shortfall exists despite higher receipts in the first three months of the fiscal year.

Humana president Mike McCallister has announced his retirement after 38 years with the company. He will step down within the next 18 months.

And former Alaska Governor and vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin has endorsed Republican Todd P’Pool for Kentucky attorney general. The P’Pool campaign has released robocalls in which Palin urges voters to support P’Pool and mispronounces his last name.

Humana CEO Announces Retirement

The president of Humana has announced his retirement and will step down within the next 18 months. Mike McCallister says he’s been thinking about retiring for some time. He has worked for Humana for 38 years; he’s been Humana’s CEO for nearly 12 years and has been board chair since 2010. But he says he’s […]

Humana’s Jobs Announcement Reflects Growth in Aging Population

Humana is adding 200 customer service jobs to the Medicare sector of its downtown Louisville headquarters. Despite the company’s 2010 cuts of nearly 1,500 positions certain sectors have seen growth, said John Brown, vice president of Humana’s Medicare service operations. “But for Medicare Advantage that has been growing steadily over the past several years so […]

Humana and UPS Wait to See Effects of Bridge Closure

Humana and UPS both say they’ll continue to monitor the effect the Sherman Minton Bridge closure has on their operations. Humana has around 1,900 Southern Indiana employees, most of whom work in Louisville, said Humana spokesman Marvin Hill. While it’s still too early to determine how many employees’ schedules will be affected, Hill said Humana […]

UnitedHealth Sues Over Tricare Contract

The long battle between Louisville-based insurer Humana and Minnesota-based UnitedHealth over the awarding of the lucrative military Tricare contract is moving into a new venue. Humana lost the $23 billion contract to provide insurance to military families the South to UnitedHealth two years ago, but quickly challenged the ruling and won the appeal the next […]

UnitedHealth to “Pursue All Available Options” to Challenge Humana Tricare Award

After a contentious two year dispute, Louisville insurance giant Humana will retain a lucrative military contract. Humana held the military’s Tricare contract for years. It allows the company to provide insurance for active and retired members of the armed services and their families throughout the south. Humana lost the contract to Minnesota-based UnitedHealth in 2009, […]