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Yarmuth Honors Knight’s National Championship

Representative John Yarmuth gave a speech today in the House of Representatives honoring the Bellarmine University Men’s Basketball Team for winning the NCAA Division II National Championship.

The team will have a public celebration tonight at Knight’s Hall at 7:30 PM. Doors open at 6:30 PM and National Championship t-shirts will be available for $15.

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Supporters Try Again for Mountaintop Fill Bill

Some members of Congress are revisiting a familiar front in the battle over mountaintop removal coal mining. They have re-introduced House legislation that would restrict mining companies from dumping material left over from blasting off the tops of mountains in waterways.  They say it buries streams and harms water quality downstream.  Opponents argue that it would cause mining companies and communities economic hardship.  But co-sponsor John Yarmuth (KY-3) says he sees little economic benefit from such mining for communities that are still ranked among the poorest in the nation.

“We still have very poor health care.  So other than the taxes that have been paid by the coal companies, it’s hard to make the case that this has benefited the people of those regions.  And it certainly has damaged the environment,” says Yarmuth.

Congressman Ben Chandler (KY-6) has also been a co-sponsor of the bill for several years.  It enjoys widespread support in the House.  But it’s likely to meet strong opposition in the Senate.

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Moberly Ousted as House Budget Chair

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

The longtime chairman of the powerful Appropriations and Revenue committee of the Kentucky House has been replaced.

Rep. Harry Moberly of Richmond has been House budget chairman since 1995, but in this week’s leadership races, he backed the wrong candidate.

Moberly supported former Speaker Jody Richards, but Rep. Greg Stumbo won the race and Moberly’s out has budget chair.

“I’m just glad that I was replaced with a good friend of mine and a person I know is well qualified, Rick Rand,” says Moberly. “The Speaker asked me to be involved in the process and to assist in any way I can.”

Replacing Moberly is former state senator, realtor and insurance agent Rep. Rick Rand of Bedford.

Rand, who has served eight years in the General Assembly, has budget committee experience and says he appreciates the leadership’s confidence in naming him chairman.

Hill Decisively Wins Indiana Congressional Seat

In southern Indiana, voters soundly reelected Democratic incumbent Congressman Baron Hill. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer reports.

Hill addressed supporters last night saying that there is a lot of work that he and the government have to do. And he listed several of his priorities.

“We’ve got to get health care for 47 million Americans,” Hill said. “We’ve got to become energy independent. We’ve got to get this economy under control. And we also have to get a handle on controlling spending.”

Hill also had a message for his constituents.

“I want to tell the good people of Southern Indiana and all the people in all the 20 counties that we have been visiting, that I don’t intend to let them down,” he said. “When they have entrusted me with this kind of a victory, I want to make sure that I return the favor.”

Hill defeated Republican Mike Sodrel and Libertarian Eric Schansberg. This was the fourth time that Hill has gone up against Sodrel for Indiana’s Ninth District seat.