The Equine Industry

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn the only equine business program in the world with the prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business accreditation is located in Kentucky. But would you be surprised to learn it’s not in the rolling hills of Lexington, but on the Belknap Campus of the University of Louisville? Since 1987, the Equine Industry Program has been preparing students for a variety of careers both in the equine industry and related fields. Listen to the Show

Second Chance Horses

Thoroughbreds, like many professional athletes, often enjoy fast and flashy careers accompanied by fame and fortune. Unfortunately, when their racing days are over and they are no longer profitable, they face an uncertain future. Some are auctioned off for slaughter; others are neglected or abandoned. Thanks to efforts of caring individuals and organizations an increasing number of ex-racehorses are being rescued and retrained for new careers. Listen to the Show

Horse Abandonments on the Rise

The Kentucky Horse Council says the worsening economy is even affecting the state’s signature animal. Council Executive Director Ginny Grulke says as money gets tighter in Kentucky households, many families who own horses are cutting care of the animals out of their budgets. She says in the past, families could sell their unwanted horses, but… Continue reading Horse Abandonments on the Rise