History of the Steamboat

STATE OF AFFAIRS 01/10/11: “In 1811, Nicholas Roosevelt did what many thought impossible; he successfully guided a steamboat up and down the Ohio River and eventually to New Orleans, a major feat for the time.” So reads the website of the Rivers Institute at Hanover College. They’re celebrating the bicentennial of the first steamboat journey – an event that shaped North American history and would bring social, commercial economic and environmental changes we still experience the effects of today. Join us Monday as we kick off this anniversity year by learning about the history of the steamboat.  Listen to the Show

Plein Air Artists Paint at More Events in the Region

As summer turns to autumn, light and color change and scores of artists are turning out for events throughout the region to document it. Many are part of a resurgence of what is known as plein air painting. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer reports. The French Impressionists started plein air painting, which comes from the French term… Continue reading Plein Air Artists Paint at More Events in the Region