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Nearly 1,700 Louisville Teenagers to Fast for Haiti Relief

by Stephanie Crosby

Hundreds of Louisville teenagers are expected to take part in a 30-hour fast this weekend. Nearly 17-hundred teens from various churches in the Louisville area will start the fast after lunch today.

About 50 teenagers from St. John United Methodist Church in Prospect are participating. Youth Pastor Nathan Calvert says it’s an important exercise for the young people.

“They need to know what it’s like to step in the shoes of someone else who doesn’t have the resources we have in the United States,” says Calvert. “One of our two big goals is that they experience hunger, and hopefully allow them to grow in compassion for other people who are in need.”

Calvert says the other goal is to raise money for Haiti relief. Each participant has collected monetary sponsorships for their fast that will be donated to World Vision.

The Christian relief organization is putting on the event nationwide, called the “30 Hour Famine”. Calvert says his church hopes to raise two-to-three thousand dollars.

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Norton Healthcare to Donate $150,000 to Haiti Relief

More than $150,000 is being donated to earthquake relief in Haiti by Louisville-based Norton Healthcare. Half of the money was donated by Norton employees over the last three weeks. The other half was matched by the company.

Vice-President for Missions and Outreach Ronald Oliver says the company allowed employees to donate vacation time to contribute to the effort.

“Some people have money in the bank and they can give that,” says Oliver, “and other people maybe not so much money, but they’ve been here awhile and they have some vacation time they can give. And that vacation time is converted to cash, we have to back some taxes out of it.”

Oliver says about $30,000 was contributed via vacation time.

The money will be split between the local water purification non-profit EDGE Outreach and Doctors Without Borders.

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Kentucky Air Guard Members Helping With Haiti Relief

The Kentucky Air National Guard has sent dozens of personnel and equipment to the Dominican Republic to help with humanitarian effort in Haiti.

Colonel Ken Dale with the Louisville-based 123rd Airlift Wing says the group will establish an airfield to help get relief supplies across the border into the earthquake-ravaged country.

Dale says the 123rd previously sent two airmen to Haiti last weekend.

“They opened the airfield in Port au Prince, one is an air traffic controller, the other went out and controlled the drop zone for the air drops. Today, we’re sending out about 50 or 60 and they will open the airfield up in the Dominican Republic,” he said.

Dale says it’s not known how long the mission will last.