Fischer Vetoes Heavy Fireworks Citing Safety

Mayor Greg Fischer has vetoed the latest fireworks ordinance that would lift the ban on heavier fireworks like roman candles and bottle rockets. The move may come as a surprise. Fischer previously stated the issue was a decision the Metro Council should decide. The council  voted to approve the use of heavy fireworks last summer. […]

Council Will Consider Lifting Ban on Heavy Fireworks, Again

Days after Mayor Greg Fischer signed an ordinance banning large fireworks, the Metro Council is poised to again legalize them. An ordinance allowing the sale of large fireworks passed out of Louisville Metro’s Public Safety Committee this week and will go before the full council next Thursday. This will be the third fireworks-related law proposed […]

Mayor Fischer Signs Ordinance Banning Heavy Fireworks

Mayor Greg Fischer has signed an ordinance banning the use of certain fireworks like roman candles and bottle rockets, which the Metro Council previously allowed to be sold. The council narrowly passed the ordinance last week by a single vote with some council members absent or refusing to vote either way. The ordinance was introduced […]

Official: New Law Did Not Cause Spike In Fireworks Injuries

From Dan Conti, Kentucky Public Radio The fears of some people that making the sale of firecrackers, bottle rockets and other fireworks legal in Kentucky for the first time this year would lead to more injuries nad fires did not materialize. “Surprisingly, in spite of the increase in the sale of fireworks, we saw that […]

Fireworks Light Up Louisville’s Pollution Monitors

Some parts of Louisville sounded like a war zone last weekend as fireworks laws were relaxed and residents celebrated the Fourth of July holiday. But all of those fireworks contributed to some of the area’s air quality problems. There are two main kinds of air pollution: fine particle and ozone. Louisville has been having a […]

NY Times on Fireworks Bans and Tax Revenue

Several American cities, counties and states (including Kentucky) have recently lifted or relaxed longstanding bans on fireworks. As the New York Times reports, the changes are expected to generate more tax revenue for cash-strapped governments. And while some southern states have put new limits on pyrotechnics to avoid wildfires in the wake of dry weather, […]

Mayor Will Sign Fireworks Ordinance, Budget

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer says he will sign the fireworks ordinance passed by the Metro Council Thursday night.  The ordinance will allow the sale of fireworks permitted by state law, but says they cannot be set off by minors or within 200 feet of another person or building.  Mayor Fischer says the new state law […]

Revised Fireworks Ordinance Clears Committee

The Louisville Metro Council committee on public safety held a special meeting Friday that ended with the passage of a revised ordinance that allows the sale and use of fireworks within city limits. The ordinance was created in response to a move by state lawmakers that made it legal to sell and ignite fireworks anywhere […]

Flood Proposes Fireworks Ordinance

Responding to a recent change in state law, Louisville Metro Councilwoman Madonna Flood, D-24, has sponsored an ordinance banning the sale, purchase and possession of fireworks in the city. In March, Governor Steve Beshear signed a bill making it legal to sell and use  fireworks that shoot into the air or explode such as firecrackers, […]