EPA Pesticide Ban May Help Threatened KY Bird

Bird enthusiasts will welcome the news that a pesticide toxic to the animals has been banned. The Environmental Protection Agency used to allow a small residue of the chemical on food. But now—carbofuran will be phased out by the end of this year. A native Kentucky species called the Cerulean Warbler, however, may still be in danger where it winters in Central and South America because farmers continue to use carbofuran on fruit and vegetable crops the birds eat.

Coal Ash Disaster Prompts New Scrutiny

Thick black sludge buried nearly 300 acres in the December 2008 coal ash spill at a Tennessee power plant. And the disaster left many asking how it could have happened. Now, as U.S. lawmakers push for answers, WFPL’s Kristin Espeland finds out who’s watching coal ash in Kentucky.

Enviros Sue Over Mining/Stream Buffer Rule

A coalition of environmental groups is suing the Environmental Protection Agency in federal court over a recently approved mountaintop removal mining rule change. The old rule required mining companies to keep debris at least a hundred feet away from valley streams. But because of different interpretations of the rule, many miles of streams have already been covered with debris.