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AG: Election Fraud Complaints Up From Last Year

From Stu Johnson, Kentucky Public Radio

Calls to the state attorney general’s election fraud hotline have been running higher than a year ago. By mid-afternoon, 16 complaints had been received. That compares with a total a six complaints made during the 2011 primary. Spokeswoman Shelly Catharine Johnson says during the last presidential primary in 2008, the hotline received 59 calls.

“We like to think that our election oversight and enforcement and working in conjunction with other multiple agencies including the secretary of state’s office, the U.S. Attorney’s office, we’d like to think that our efforts are paying off.”

Johnson says all calls will be reviewed by officials in the attorney general’s office and could be referred to law enforcement.

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AG Investigators To Respond To Election Fraud Complaints

The Kentucky Attorney General’s office says it will have vote-fraud investigators on the  ground across the state on election day, making unannounced visits to polling places.

Spokesperson Allison Martin says the election fraud hotline will also be in operation Tuesday.

“We actually had this up an running in the primary, where we processed about 60 calls in election day. We had no allegations of vote-buying; most of those calls were of an informational nature, and none of those complaints was referred out for or resulted in prosecution,” Martin said.

Martin expects the general election to generate more calls, since a record number of Kentucky voters could go to the polls.

The election fraud hotline is 1-800-328-VOTE.