NPR News Special Coverage of Libya and Japan Today at 2pm

We’ll air two hours special coverage from NPR News this afternoon from 2-4pm on WFPL. The first hour will focus on Libya, three days after a US-led coalition began its military campaign to stop the government from attacking anti-Gadhafi rebels. From 3-4pm, we’ll consider the humanitarian crisis in Japan. NPR’s Neal Conan hosts the coverage.

Japan/America Society of Kentucky to Raise Money for Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

Executive Director Matt Krebs says his board of directors approved the efforts Monday, with the goal to raise money for rebuilding efforts, rather than emergency relief.

“Once the media spotlight comes off the needs of the people of Japan in another week or two from now, the remaining needs of families that have no homes and some of those long-term issues will begin to come to the foreground,” he says.

President Discusses Libya, Japan, Economy in News Conference

President Obama says he’s prepared to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, if necessary, to stabilize oil prices. In his news conference, which ended a few minutes ago, Mr. Obama also said the U.S. and its allies are considering a range of options in Libya, including enforcing a no-fly zone over the country. He said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be meeting with member of the Libyan opposition in the next few days.
You can see more coverage on NPR’s live blog of the press conference at The Two-Way. We’ll have a full report and analysis on NPR’s All Things Considered today at 4pm on WFPL.

Emergency Management Officials Continue Earthquake Prep Measures

by Stephanie Crosby Earthquake preparedness is very much on the minds of Kentucky emergency management officials. Westernmost parts of Kentucky are included in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, which experienced catastrophic earthquakes in the early 1800’s. Earthquake Program Manager for the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management Steve Oglesby says they’re working hard to learn as… Continue reading Emergency Management Officials Continue Earthquake Prep Measures

Preparedness & Planning for Earthquakes in Kentucky

Earthquakes now seem like a daily occurrence, from China to Haiti to Chile and back to China. In reality, earthquakes are an everyday event but they are usually on such a small scale that we don’t notice the shaking. We keep hearing about “the big one” due to hit this area from the New Madrid Fault, but is that true? And if it is, are we prepared? Join us on Tuesday for a discussion of the possibility, preparedness and planning for an earthquake in our area.  Listen to the Show

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Supplies Over Seas Sends More Aid to Haiti

by Stephanie Crosby The Louisville-based non-profit group Supplies Over Seas loaded up more medical supplies bound for Haiti today. A forty-foot container was filled with about 9,300 pounds of medical supplies, headed for a hospital in Haiti, rebuilding from a devastating earthquake in January. Supplies Over Seas Executive Director Allen Montgomery says they’ve worked closely… Continue reading Supplies Over Seas Sends More Aid to Haiti