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DuPont Fined for Permit Violations at Rubbertown Plant

The Louisville Air Pollution Control Board voted today to approve a settlement between the city and DuPont for permit violations at the company’s Rubbertown plant. The board order fines the company $51,000.

The Air Pollution Control District says DuPont’s facility on Camp Ground Road routinely failed to complete required inspections of its equipment. Enforcement and Compliance Manager Terri Phelps says the company’s air pollution permit requires it to submit periodic reports detailing its inspections.

“There were no excess emissions that we’re aware of,” she said. “However, they are required to monitor periodically some of their equipment weekly, some monthly, for leaks, for example and they weren’t doing that. We consider that serious. They’re violations of federal regulations and their own permit with us.”

Phelps says these kinds of reports are necessary as the district monitors whether the company is complying with the permit.

“Sometimes we would know,” she said. “We do go on inspections of these facilities and sometimes we can look at their logs and tell whether they’re properly reporting and whether their equipment is running properly. But there are some that we wouldn’t know about if they didn’t report to us.”

The district found instances of missing inspections dating back to 2006; the length of time the problem continued is one reason why the penalty is so high.

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Application Process Begins For Class-Action Scholarships

Applications are now being accepted for the new Rubbertown-Shively Class Scholarship that was created in the wake of a class action settlement between area residents and the DuPont Company over pollution complaints in the area.

As part of the settlement, DuPont has paid some $480,000 to set up a permanent endowment fund that will finance the scholarship.

Mark Stewart is the Director of Public Relations for the Community Foundation of Louisville—a philanthropic organization that was selected to distribute the grants. Stewart says that only people living in residences which participated in the class action suit are eligible for the scholarship.

“It was a property damage class action settlement, and therefore it is the residence itself that is the qualifying factor. A person living at one of those addresses that opted out of the class action settlement are not eligible to apply,” Stewart said.

More information about the scholarship is here.

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Three Businesses Consider Expansion

Three businesses with local branches have been offered tax incentives for expansion projects in Louisville.

The businesses considering expansion are DuPont, DAE Holdings and Captive Indoor Media. Together, the three expansions would create 77 new jobs in Louisville. Eileen Pickett with Greater Louisville Inc. says the skill sets for each business are varied.

“The best way to put it is it’s a mix of kinds of jobs. DAE is a metal fabrication and machine shop so there will be people with those kinds of skills as well as some supervisory skills potentially,” she says.

Pickett says DuPont would expand its capacity to create a new synthetic material and Captive, a digital sign software company, would add new office space.

If all three businesses choose to expand in Louisville, they would create $3.5 million in new payroll.