‘Hillbilly Noir’: New Books Explore Kentucky’s Drug Trade

There is the Kentucky we often see in literature: a reverence for the pastoral landscape and for folksy wisdom, for majestic horses and for the quiet secrets buried deep in the bluegrass and in the mountains. But new books by Kirby Gann and James Higdon dig deep inside the state‚Äôs drug trade to turn that […]

Four States Combine to Fight Prescription Drug Abuse

Kentucky is collaborating with three other states to form the Interstate Prescription Drug Task Force, which will attempt to stop prescription drug abuse. Soon, doctors will be able to request data across state lines to monitor patient prescriptions. Ohio and Kentucky announced earlier this month that they began exchanging prescription drug information in a similar […]

Supreme Court Hears Kentucky Case, Ruling Could Affect Jail Time For Some Offenders

The case was brought by William Freeman, who was arrested in Louisville for possession of crack and a loaded firearm. He accepted a plea bargain and was sentenced to jail. While he was incarcerated, the federal sentencing guidelines for crack possession were changed, meaning Freeman would be eligible for a lesser sentence. His attempts to have his sentence changed were blocked, though, as courts ruled that he must honor his plea bargain.