EPA, Division of Water to Hold Second Meeting on Floyds Fork Pollution

The Environmental Protection Agency will hold a meeting this week to update stakeholders on the efforts to develop new pollution limits for the Floyds Fork watershed. This is the second time since August the agency has come to discuss the project. Floyds Fork has been designated as “impaired,” which means its waterway can’t fulfill its […]

EPA Outlines Process in Calculating Pollution Limits for Floyds Fork

Stakeholders including residents and wastewater treatment plant operators gathered in Middletown last night for a meeting with officials from the Environmental Protection Agency. This was the first step in determining new pollution limits for the Floyds Fork watershed. The state says Floyds Fork is impaired, which means the waterway can’t fulfill its designated functions. The […]

Two Western Kentucky Streams Listed as Impaired

The Kentucky Division of Water has released reports detailing the levels of pollution in two western Kentucky streams. Division of Water spokeswoman Allison Fleck says Clarks River and Cypress Creek are contaminated, but the division isn’t sure exactly where the E. coli is coming from. “The bacteria pollution comes from septic tanks that are not […]