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Gorilla Born in Louisville Dies at Columbus Zoo

The one-year-old gorilla Misha (Mee-sha), who was born at the Louisville Zoo, died today at the Columbus Zoo.

Misha had been in intensive care since the staff noticed flu-like symptoms on March 3.  Exploratory surgery on March 16 revealed she had a perforated bowl; probably due to an intestinal infection. Although the problem was repaired Thursday, Misha died a few hours after surgery.

Misha was born in Louisville on February 6, 2010; but a fight between other gorillas resulted in the loss of part of her left leg.  She was moved to Columbus shortly afterwards. Zoo officials said at the time Misha would receive the best care at the Columbus Zoo.

For more information on Misha here is a link to a past article:

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Louisville Zoo's Injured Baby Gorilla Will be Moved to Columbus

by Stephanie Crosby

The baby gorilla who was severely injured at the Louisville Zoo in April is recovering well but she must be moved to a zoo in Ohio to complete her recovery. Recently named Misha, the three-month-old suffered serious injuries, including the amputation of part of her left leg, in a family skirmish in the Gorilla Forest.

Curator Steve Wing says she wasn’t recovering well while still in her mother’s care, so they had to hand-raise the baby. That decision has led to another problem.

“Once we did that, her mother’s milk would dry up,” says Wing. “So we started looking at our options, and the best option for her to grow up to be a gorilla and know how to act and react to gorilla society would be for her to be raised by gorillas.”

Wing says Misha will be moved to the Columbus Zoo, which has developed an extensive gorilla surrogacy program. He says there are two adult female gorillas there that are trained to recognize when the baby is hungry, and deliver her to zoo staff for regular feedings.

Wing expects Misha will live a full life there.

“She has proven to be very adaptable. Primates are very adaptable,” says Wing. “And I think she’s going to grow up and not even realize, maybe, that she’s missing a leg. There are primates out in zoos and out in the wild that adapt perfectly well with three limbs.”

Wing says no date has been set for Misha’s move to Columbus, but it could come in the next week.