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Actor Henrikson To Be Honored At Derby City Film Festival

The fourth annual Derby City Film Festival begins tomorrow at the Clifton Center. Fifty-six entries from around the world will be screened during the two-day event.

In addition to the screenings, awards will be presented to films or actors in seven categories and a lifetime achievement award will go to actor Lance Henrikson, who also stars in one of the feature film entries, It’s in the Blood, produced by Louisville natives Sean Elliot and Scooter Downey.

The 71-year-old Henrikson says he wants to try his hand next at comedy, after years of mostly playing the heavy in horror, action and science fiction films.

“I don’t know how many ways I can die anymore and make it interesting,” he joked. “I’ve been boiled in oil, I’ve been burned, shot, hung. You name it, man. They always seem to look at me when I go to a meeting and say ‘oh, this guy would be great for that role, we’ll kill him at the end, you know.'”

Henrikson will also take part in some of the festival’s panel discussions.

Listen to the complete interview with Lance Henrikson:

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Listen to an interview with festival director Kristofer Rommel:

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Derby City Film Festival Begins Friday

The fourth annual Derby City Film Festival begins Friday at the Clifton Center.

Fifty-six films from 16 countries will be screened at the three-day event, and awards will be presented in seven categories, including best feature, short, documentary and acting.

Co-founder Kristofer Rommel says there will also be panel discussions and workshops on everything from how to choreograph a fight scene to special effects makeup.

“This year the producers of Below Zero, they also run the Great American pitch fest out in L.A. They’re going to come in and do a pitch workshop for screenwriters and filmmakers who want to pitch their ideas to Hollywood,” he said.

Below Zero is one of the festival’s feature film entries. A lifetime achievement award will also be presented to veteran actor Lance Henrickson, who has a role in another entry, It’s in the Blood.

Another film festival is underway this week in Louisville. The 14th annual Jewish Film Festival continues through February 25.

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Plans Underway For 2012 Derby City Film Festival

The Derby City Film Festival has begun accepting submissions for its fourth annual edition.

The festival will be held February 17 through 19 at the Clifton Center.

Director Kristopher Rommel says the festival has grown quickly since its launch in 2008. More than one thousand people attended last year’s event, which included screenings of more than 60 independent

“We’ve gotten a lot more submissions, not only nationwide, but we’ve gotten a lot of international submissions, and the last two years we’ve gotten a lot more Kentucky and regional submissions which is really good, the quality of the films is increasing year after year,” he said.

The deadline for submissions to this year’s festival is December 1. The selected films will be announced a month later.