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Age Restrictions Could Be Lifted on Plan B, Walmart Strives for Sustainability in China, Chief White Reflects on His Time With LMPD: Today on Here and Now

1:06pm: Should the morning-after pill be available on drug store shelves, next to condoms and other over the counter birth control? Right now “Plan B” emergency contraception is not. To get it, women have to prove they’re at least 17 years old or have a doctor’s prescription. But today the Food and Drug Administration is expected to decide whether to lift that age restriction. We’ll find out more from Washington Post Science Reporter Rob Stein.

1:12pm: “A year from now, each and every one of you will be more socially and environmentally responsible.” That’s what Walmart’s CEO told a room full of Chinese vendors in 2008. Now the company who’s often vilified in the USA seems to be pushing China toward sustainability. China expert Orville Schell writes in the Atlantic that Walmart and China are conducting a “bold experiment in consumer behavior and environmental stewardship that will be critical to the fate of the planet’s environment.”

1:35pm: Last night, the city held a farewell reception for outgoing police chief Robert White. Chief White says he’s “packing a lot of boxes” this week for his impending move to Colorado, where he’ll be Denver’s chief of police. He took a break to spend some time talking with WFPL’s Phillip M. Bailey about his community outreach, racially charged police shootings, and the mistakes he regrets making with rank-and-file officers.

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Ear X-Tacy, Whiskey Row, Chief White’s Departure, Saturn Exploration, College Sports Realignment: Today on State of the News

Segment A: We’ll catch up on metro news with WFPL staff, including the latest on the Louisville Orchestra and Whiskey Row, as well as the departure of Police Chief Robert White. Join us at 502-814-8255 with your thoughts on the week’s news.

Segment B: We’ll listen to Phillip M. Bailey‘s conversation with Better Days owner Ben Johnson, and talk about the closing of Ear X-Tacy. WFPL’s Erica Peterson brings us a feature this week about rising power costs, and Devin Katayama spoke with Cassini Project Scientist Linda Spilker about the exploration of Saturn. We’ll listen to the interview and talk about it.

Segment C: The Courier-Journal’s Eric Crawford joins us to talk sports — namely, college conference realignment and the upcoming basketball season.

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Police Chief’s Son Arrested

The son of Louisville Metro Police Chief Robert White was arrested yesterday and charged with second-degree assault after an altercation with his wife.

According to a police report, Robert C. White, 30, struck his wife twice on the left temple while in a car and attempted to hold her against her will. His wife then jumped from the moving vehicle and sustained further injuries.

Police will comment on the matter shortly.


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Chief White Asks FOP For Compromise

Louisville Police Chief Robert White is asking the police union to once again to consider department budget cuts proposed by Metro Government.

White and the mayor have asked the Fraternal Order of Police for concessions that would trim $1.3 million from their budget. Monday night, the FOP rejected several budget cutting options proposed by the city.

White says that’s not acceptable.

“Something is going to have to give,” he says. “We cannot reach the goal of the $20 million plus deficit that’s facing the city without the police department providing their fair share.”

White says he’s spoken with the head of the union since the vote, and he’s hopeful a compromise can be reached.

“I think a reasonable person will say, ‘Boy, that really is a tough pill to swallow but everybody else is swallowing a pill and most people are swallowing a much larger pill than what we’re asking them to swallow’” he says.

The FOP was asked to either forgo pay raises, cut back on vacation days or pay more to use their cruisers outside of work. White says the city can change the take-home car program without the union’s permission. The FOP says that’s not true.

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LMPD Launch New Awareness Campaign

The Louisville Metro Police Department has made nearly 25 hundred DUI arrests this year, and they’re launching a new campaign aimed at  preventing  more offenses.

During the holiday season, the LMPD will hang posters in bars and liquor stores to encourage anyone who drinks to use a designated driver or taxi to get home.

Police Chief Robert White says there will also be more cars on DUI patrol during the holidays.

“We’re going to be very aggressive this year again, specifically during the holidays at enforcing driving, specifically looking for individuals that are driving under the influence,” he says.

The poster campaign will not cost the city any money.