Magazine Prize Money Going Toward Hogan’s Fountain Pavilion Preservation

The group, called “Save the Hogan’s Fountain Pavilion” is trying to raise $82,000 to repair the roof of the structure. The pavilion, commonly called the tepee, is not in the master plan for Metro Parks, though city officials are open to keeping it if it’s repaired.

Group Hopeful Prize Money Will Go Toward Hogan’s Fountain Pavilion

Representatives from Reader’s Digest Wednesday presented Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer’s office with a $1,000 dollar check that could go toward preserving the Hogan’s Fountain Pavillion in Cherokee Park. A group dedicated to preserving the structure—often called the teepee—petitioned Reader’s Digest for the money as part of a contest the magazine was holding to fund community projects.

An Inventory of Louisville's Art and the Care It Needs

Serious art collectors keep careful lists of their treasures and tend to them using meticulous instructions. In recent decades, cities are starting to do the same through public art plans. Now, Louisville is cataloguing its public art and trying to figure out how to maintain its collection. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer reports. On a triangle of […]

Windstorm-Felled Trees Could Invite Invasives in Parks

Last week’s windstorm thrashed more than power lines. It tossed debris across city parks and took down hundreds of trees. Now, with new clearings and sunny spots, the parks are more vulnerable than ever to invasive species. WFPL’s Kristin Espeland reports.