Final Louisville Metro Redistricting Map Expected This Week

The Louisville Metro Council’s ad hoc committee on redistricting is finished hearing public comments and final drafts of all 26 district maps are expected to be introduced to the Metro Council on Thursday. Public comments taken during six regional redistricting meetings have led to some changes in some new district boundaries, said Councilman Rick Blackwell, […]

Census Shows Same-Sex, Unmarried Couples Leading More Indiana Households

So-called traditional marriage has declined in Indiana, according to the 2010 Census. The survey shows a 61 percent increase in the number of households led by same-sex couples since 2000. There are now more than 16,000 LGBT couples living together and about one fourth of them are raising children. There was also a large gain […]

Metro Council to Hire Contractor for Redistricting

The Louisville Metro Council is seeking a contract employee who can operate a computer program that draws new legislative districts based on census data. The council will still have a say in where district lines are drawn, but the application will make the necessary calculations to ensure the proper number of residents live in each […]

Cunningham Concerned What Redistricting Will Mean for Diversity on Metro Council

Louisville civil rights leaders are concerned that dwindling numbers in historically African-American neighborhoods will diminish minority representation in Metro Government. There are currently six African-Americans on the council, and Louisville NAACP president Raoul Cunningham says the districts were first drawn to ensure that number. But the 2010 Census shows that while Louisville’s minority population increased, […]

Indiana Senate Committee Approves Redistricting Plan

A Republican-led Indiana Senate committee has approved a redistricting plan for the chamber, though Democrats say it unfairly dilutes African-American and Hispanic voters. The Senate Elections Committee approved the plan with a 6-2 vote along party lines Thursday. The panel also proposed new district boundaries for Indiana’s nine congressional seats.

Indiana Democrats Hope to Delay Redistricting Plan

Democrats in the Indiana House say they want action on a Republican-led redistricting plan delayed so they can continue studying the proposal. GOP lawmakers, who control the legislature, released their proposal for new districts for the state’s congressional and legislative districts this week and scheduled a committee hearing on the plan for Wednesday. The districts […]