Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

It seems like we hear a lot about our environment lately, especially about our carbon footprint. Not surprising since Louisville and Lexington rank as two of the worst cities by carbon footprint in the nation. There are calculators galore online where an individual can measure their footprint, and businesses springing up to help other businesses measure . . . .but what is a carbon footprint? How do we contribute to it? And how is it measured, and interpreted? And is it a big deal that Louisville and Lexington are among the nation’s worst? Listen to the Show

Sorry about My Carbon Footprint, Everyone

With a Google search for “carbon footprint calculator” yielding over 160,000 results, it’s safe to say your options are vast in figuring out how much carbon you’ve been sending out into the atmosphere. I’d never calculated my own carbon footprint – I tried once, but found out I don’t pay enough attention to the details… Continue reading Sorry about My Carbon Footprint, Everyone