Two Greater Clark Students With Minor Injuries Following Bus Accident

A Greater Clark County Schools bus was involved in an accident on Highway 62 near Bethany Road in Charlestown, Indiana. From Greater Clark Schools: “The bus was transporting approximately 25 Charlestown High School and New Washington High School students to the Prosser School of Technology in New Albany. The bus was rear ended at a […]

One Teacher Remains Hospitalized From Last Week’s Bus Accident

Louisville Collegiate School officials say one staff member remains hospitalized in stable condition from last week’s bus accident; all students have been discharged. A bus carrying 4th grade students was involved in a roll over accident on I-65 last Thursday. All 16 students and three adults were admitted to a hospital in Glascow. Students and […]

Public Less Satisfied With Metro Transportation

Louisville Metro residents are dissatisfied with parts of its transportation service, according to results from Louisville’s Merger 2.0 Task Force survey. On Wednesday, Louisville’s Merger 2.0 Task Force release its survey, which measures public response to Metro Government services. The biggest disparity was in public transportation, where around 50 percent say they’re dissatisfied with the […]