Bridges Public Hearing Draws Impatience, Complaints About Tolls

The first of two public comment hearings on the Ohio River Bridges Project was last night  in Clarksville. Curtis Morrison with Say No 2 Bridge Tolls was in attendance to criticize the process. “I have an issues with this being called a public input meeting,” Morrison said “when the governors and mayor got together and […]

Bridges Authority Approves Financing Plan Update

The bi-state bridges authority has approved a financing plan that calls for tolls to pay for roughly half of the 4.1 billion dollar bridges project. The move has inspired an opposition group to reach out to the Kentucky General Assembly for help blocking tolls.

Public Comments Taken On Bridges Financing Plan

Residents from both sides of the river and on both sides of the bridges issue turned out Monday to comment on the Ohio River Bridges Project. The Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority held the meeting to gather public opinion on an updated financing plan. It calls for tolls to pay for about half of the 4.1 billion dollar project, which consists of two new bridges and a reworked Spaghetti Junction.