Bill Samuels Jr. To Retire As President Of Maker’s Mark

Samuels’s father founded the distillery in the 1950s and passed it on to him in 1975. In his tenure, Samuels Jr. has seen bourbon grow from a relatively niche product to an internationally-popular spirit. Samuels says when he took over the distillery, it produced about 55 thousand cases of bourbon a year. Last year, he oversaw the shipment of more than one million cases.

House Rejects Sampling Bill

by Stu Johnson, Kentucky Public Radio A measure to expand Kentucky’s liquor sampling law has failed to pass the state legislature. A bill calling for permanent authority at licensed events failed in the house. Shepherdsville representative Linda Belcher sponsored the bill. “Some people may have seen it as an alcohol issue, I didn’t, to me… Continue reading House Rejects Sampling Bill