Retail Unlikely for Fourth Street Borders Location

Five retail spaces in Louisville once occupied by Borders and Waldenbooks stores will be sold at auction next month. But one former Borders store isn’t changing hands. The branch at Fourth Street Live is still owned by the Baltimore-based Cordish Companies. Cordish holds the lease and will decide what fills the space next. Mayor’s spokesman Chris […]

Remaining Two Louisville Borders Stores Expected to Close as Company Liquidates

After 40-years in business, the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based bookseller Borders plans to liquidate. The company once operated four bookstores in Louisville, but the branches on 4th Street and South Hurstbourne were closed weeks after the company filed for Chapter 11 in February. The stores at Shelbyville Road Plaza and on Bardstown Road were to remain […]

Borders Gift Cards Can Be Spent Elsewhere In Louisville

Two of the four Borders stores in Louisville are closing. WFPL checked in with local independent bookseller Carmichael’s for a reaction to the news earlier this week. Manager Kelly Estep says the closures are a blow to book industry as a whole, and while sales at Carmichael’s have been steady, it’s not clear what effect Borders’s bankruptcy may have on smaller shops.

One possible effect, though, is an increase in Borders gift cards being redeemed at Carmichael’s.

Fischer To Discuss 4th Street Borders Closure With Cordish

Mayor’s spokesperson Chris Poynter says the city must now work on filling the soon-to-be empty retail spaces, particularly the one on 4th Street, which anchors 4th Street Live.

“It’s unfortunate that we’re losing an anchor tenant, but businesses have come and gone all the time at 4th Street Live, so we’re pretty confident the Cordish Company with their national experience and their retail experience can find a viable use for that space if indeed the Borders closes,” he says.