Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Discuss Mountaintop Removal

The three Republican candidates for Governor of Kentucky have shown varying degrees of support for the coal mining technique commonly called mountaintop removal. Businessman Phil Moffett calls the procedure ‘mountaintop development,’ and says it creates flat land that can be used for commercial purposes. State Senate President David Williams says he will stand up to […]

Holsclaw’s Challenge of Optometry Bill Passage May Not Lead To Charges

Optometrists have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on lobbying and supporting candidates. The bill allows them to perform certain surgeries currently only done by ophthalmologists, who are medical doctors. Holsclaw says she doesn’t have evidence any laws were broken, but wants state or federal officials to look into the matter.

Holsclaw to Ask for Investigation of Optometry Bill

Holsclaw is targeting legislation that allows optometrists to perform some procedures currently only performed by ophthalmologists, who are medical doctors. She says the speed in which the bill passed the legislature raises concerns. She’s not alleging any wrongdoing, but she does plan to ask state and federal officials to investigate the measure and how it passed.

Kentucky Primary Races Set

The filing deadline for public office in Kentucky has officially passed, confirming the lineup for this year’s statewide races. The primary is May 17th. Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh looks at the candidates who qualified on time, and some who didn’t.