Gas Leak Detected At Munitions Depot

By Ron Smith, Kentucky Public Radio Workers at the Bluegrass Army Depot near Richmond are searching for the source of a mustard gas leak. Monitoring personnel Tuesday detected trace amounts of the vapor inside a concrete igloo that houses mustard gas. Once the leaking munition is located, Depot spokesman Dick Sloan says they’ll follow a… Continue reading Gas Leak Detected At Munitions Depot

Weapons Stockpile On Track to Be Destroyed

This week, a nonprofit citizens’ group dedicated to monitoring the destruction of chemical weapons took Kentucky lawmakers last week to see, first hand, progress in achieving that goal. Chemical Weapons Working Group head Craig Williams says Senator Mitch McConnell was among those who saw what’s taking shape at the Bluegrass Army Depot chemical weapons site.

McConnell, Chandler Tour Chemical Weapons Storage Site

From Charles Compton, Kentucky Public Radio/WEKU, Richmond The media tagged along as U-S Senator Mitch McConnell and Congressman Ben Chandler toured the Bluegrass Army Depot in Madison County, Kentucky Tuesday. They visited the construction site of a plant which will one day destroy the depot’s chemical munitions.                  The two lawmakers watched as workers poured a… Continue reading McConnell, Chandler Tour Chemical Weapons Storage Site

Army to Dispose of Nerve Gas at Bluegrass Depot

It’s been a little more than a year since one of the most serious leaks to date from a chemical weapons storage container at the Bluegrass Army Depot. This Wednesday (today), the U.S. Army will begin destroying the nerve agent in that container and two others like it using a smaller scale disposal system.