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Former Mayoral Candidate Taking Part In Black Friday Boycott

Former independent mayoral candidate Jackie Green is joining Buy Nothing Day to highlight sustainability and over-consumption.

The annual event is an international day of protest against purchasing items on Black Friday, which marks the beginning of Christmas shopping season. Social justice activists supporting the demonstration have gained more attention this year due in part to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Green owns the Bike Couriers Bike Shops. He says the three locations will be closed today to highlight the need to rein in consumption.

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Retailers, Shoppers Braced for Black Friday

Retailers in Louisville and elsewhere are planning earlier hours and more bargains to entice shoppers into stores on this Black Friday weekend, the traditional start of the holiday shopping season.

Some stores aren’t waiting until Friday to bring in customers, throwing open their doors Thanksgiving night.

The National Retail Federation says more than 150 million people plan to shop this weekend, up from 138 million last year.

In Louisville, Reanna Smith-Hamblin with the Better Business Bureau says the most common complaint the agency receives this time of year stems from discount offers.

“Consumers have to realize that they need to take a look at the ads, read the fine print and realize that maybe that TV that’s for sale that’s a great price, maybe there’s only a couple of them in the store,” she said.

Smith-Hamblin says consumers with questions about a particular retailer can find information on the BBB’s database.

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Black Friday Blitz Begins Thursday At Some Stores

Louisville-area bargain hunters endured the cold rain and snow showers to get an early start on Black Friday holiday shopping.

In some cases, the sales didn’t begin on Black Friday, but the night before as several retailers had late Thanksgiving hours.

Other stores and malls opened their doors as early as midnight, with hundreds of people waiting in line to grab sale items.

Black Friday has become the traditional start of the holiday shopping season.

Analysts say it appears more shoppers are not only buying gifts for others, but something for themselves, an encouraging sign that the economy is improving.

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Retailers Brace For Black Friday Shoppers

By Sheila Ash

People will be flocking to malls and stores Friday, hoping to cash in on Black Friday shopping deals.

Brian Noe is manager at Playthings Toy Shoppe in St. Matthews. He says there are a variety of hot items this year.

“It could be anything from, in our particular case, play mobile to a game called Perplexus which is for children and for adults to play. Corolle Dolls—Calico Critters has been a very popular item—specific Lego sets,” he said.

He says people have been shopping early because the store is offering a continuous sale through the end of December on certain items.

Many malls and stores are opening their doors as early as midnight, with a few even offering Thanksgiving night sales.

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Shoppers Flood Malls for Black Friday

It’s one of the busiest shopping days of the year, and economists are watching Black Friday sales to see how Americans are going to spend money this Christmas.

Heather Edge with Green Tree Mall in Clarksville, Indiana says the number of shoppers today and the number of packages they’re buying seem to be about the same as last year.

“It is still pretty strong, I know some people might be taking a little bit of a break, but coming back for round two,” says Edge, “I’ve seen a lot of guests going back out to their car to drop off gifts and then to come back and do some more shopping.”

Edge says some 200-300 people were waiting in line for the stores that opened at midnight, and another 500 or so were waiting when the doors opened at the mall this morning.

She says they won’t know their final sales numbers until after this weekend.

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Louisville Shoppers Flood Malls, Despite Economy

On this Friday after Thanksgiving, known to retailers as Black Friday, shoppers packed Louisville’s store corridors.  That’s despite news of the anemic economy.  At the Mall of St. Matthews, Louisville resident Kerry McCusker took a break on a bench with her two daughters.

“It doesn’t seem like anybody’s sparing their money though, it’s a whole bunch of money going on here, whole lot of people,” says McCusker.

McCuskey says she plans to limit her spending this holiday season to what her daughters truly need.  Other shoppers said that although they still planned to give presents to loved ones, they would be more cautious with their gift-giving dollars.  Retail results will show whether that willingness to spend, even if a bit less, can lend a boost to already flagging sales.

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Holiday Shoppers Invade Malls and Stores

Retailers in the Louisville area are hoping for a busy holiday shopping season despite a slumping economy.

Early bird shoppers were out in force Friday morning across the region, including Greentree Mall in Clarksville, Indiana, where Heather Hoffman is Senior Marketing Manager.

“We actually opened the mall at 4:00am, and we had a pajama lounge event, and definitely got some people out early. We had a few stores opening at midnight.  I know that K-B Toys had about 100 people at midnight waiting to get in,” Hoffman said.

Retailers worried about weak sales have been offering larger discounts and extended hours this year to lure customers.


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KY Retailers Anxiously Await Shopping Season

Many Kentucky retailers says they’ll consider the upcomining holiday shopping season a success if they can just do as well as they did last year.

Jan Gould of the Kentucky Retail Federation predicts the commonwealth’s merchants will fare better than much of the nation.

“We haven’t seen the same kinds of economic problems, at least the same extent as they have in other parts of the country, so we’re optimistic that we will do at least as well as the national average and hopefully a little better,” Gould said.

Gould says Kentuckians are altering their buying habits, purchasing one big-ticket gift or several lower-cost presents.

In response, he says retailers are promoting themselves hard. For the first time in years, many are again offering lay-away plans.

Thanks to Charles Compton, Kentucky Public Radio/WEKU, Richmond