State Releases Guidelines Promoting Sustainable Biomass Harvest

In anticipation of growth in the biomass industry, the Kentucky Division of Forestry has released guidelines for biomass harvesting. The document lays out suggestions for harvesting the material in a sustainable way that will have minimal effect on the forest. Larry Lowe of the Division of Forestry says there have been several companies expressing interest… Continue reading State Releases Guidelines Promoting Sustainable Biomass Harvest

Three New US Energy Plans Worry Governor

Today, President Barack Obama announced three major energy and environmental initiatives designed to reduce dependence on foreign oil as well as reduce global warming emissions. But as WFPL’s Kristin Espeland Gourlay reports, Kentucky’s response was less than enthusiastic.

Biomass: Energy of the Future?

States throughout the Ohio River Valley are stepping up efforts to produce more electricity from renewable sources. One increasingly popular option is biomass—such as wood chips or agricultural waste. In Kentucky, the Governor has convened a task force to develop the state’s biomass potential. But in Indiana, two proposed biomass plants aren’t so welcome.