New Security Scanners Active in Louisville International Airport

Passengers at the Louisville International Airport may be the first to pass through new security scanners that were activated over the weekend. Both Louisville and Lexington’s Blue Grass Airport are the latest to receive the new body scanners, which around 140 airports already have in place. When passengers pass through the scanners, they’ll be able […]

Louisville, Lexington Airports Install New Security Scanners Soon

The Transportation Security Administration is installing new security scanners at several airports around the country in the upcoming weeks including the Louisville and Lexington airports. Nearly 140 airports have already made the switch to one of two scanner types in the last few years. Both devices scan the entire body but only one displays a […]

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky and Indianapolis Airports Join TSA Quick-Screen Program

The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky and Indianapolis airports are joining the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) new PreCheck program. Eligible fliers on American and Delta and certain members of Customs and Border Protection’s Trusted Traveler programs will have the chance to move more quickly through security screening by registering ahead of time with the TSA and its member airlines, […]

New Scanners Coming to Louisville Airport

Louisville is slated to receive new airport passenger scanning equipment. The Transportation Security Administration will send 300 of the $150,000 Advanced Imaging Technology machines to 16 cities. The devices are full body scanners, but are different from the controversial backscatter machines that project an image of passengers’ bodies onto a screen for TSA officials to […]

Airport Receives Grant For Relocations, Improvements

More than half of the grant will go toward Louisville International Airport’s continuous relocation program for residents affected by noise following the airport’s expansion. The rest of the money will go toward upgrades at the airport, among them, a taxiway that will accommodate larger cargo and passenger aircraft. Airport authority chairman Phil Lynch says the grant will also be used to replace aging snow removal equipment.

Airport Authority Says 2009 Was a Tough Year

2009 was a tough year for many businesses and families, and it was no different for the Louisville Regional Airport Authority, which runs Louisville International Airport and Bowman Field. Executive Director Skip Miller says the economy has forced everyone to tweak budgets. “We deferred and reduced our capital major maintenance budgets for 2010 by over […]