Air Pollution Control District Plans to Revisit Permit Fees Soon

Louisville’s Air Pollution Control District is considering raising the fees industries pay for certain types of permits. Many of the fees companies pay to the Air Pollution Control District are based on the tons of various pollutants they emit every year. But as both technology advances and tightening federal regulations reduce air pollution, Louisville’s air […]

Air Pollution Control District Approves Slightly Higher Fees

Industries in Louisville will be facing marginally higher fees from the Air Pollution Control District in the coming year. The board voted today to approve the higher rates. Following a scheduled public meeting where no one spoke, the district’s board unanimously approved the changes. The fees will be higher in fiscal year 2012—which began on […]

Indiana Students Recognized for Anti-Idling PSA

Local students are getting recognition from Metro Government for their role in producing a Public Service Announcement designed to reduce vehicle idling. The students from Silver Creek High School in Sellersburg, Indiana were honored at the Metro Air Pollution Control District board meeting today. In the PSA, three students wearing black shirts labeled with air […]

Metro Government Fines LG&E for Coal Ash Violations at Cane Run

Louisville Gas and Electric is facing a fine of up to $26,000. The penalty levied by Metro Government is in response to equipment malfunctions that caused clouds of coal ash to leave the company’s Cane Run plant. The Notice of Violation–sent on Friday–alleges ash from LG&E’s Cane Run power station left the company’s property on several […]

LG&E Fined Up to $26,000 for Coal Ash Problems at Cane Run

Louisville Metro Government has fined Louisville Gas and Electric for several violations surrounding equipment malfunctions at the company’s Cane Run Power Station. In the Notice of Violation, the Air Pollution Control District fines the company $26,000, but notes the company could enter in a settlement with the district and undertake remedial action. If LG&E chooses […]

LG&E Dismisses Metro Government Coal Ash Sampling; Releases New Data

Louisville Gas and Electric says the company has found little evidence of coal ash settling on homes near its Cane Run Power Station. The company is dismissing sampling performed by Louisville Metro Government that showed ash was present. Residents living near the Cane Run power plant in southwest Louisville say dust and coal ash leave […]

Metro Goverment Sampling Finds More Ash on Homes Near Cane Run

New samples taken by Louisville Metro Government confirm earlier evidence that coal ash is leaving Louisville Gas and Electric’s Cane Run Power Station and contaminating nearby homes. Samples analyzed by LG&E months ago showed high concentrations of ash on a nearby home, but the company qualified the results by pointing out that ash may have […]

City Fines Rubbertown Company Over $600,000 for Violations

An aluminum company in Louisville’s Rubbertown neighborhood has agreed to a settlement with Metro Government in response to several alleged record-keeping and pollution violations. The proposed agreement fines Eckart America $668,250, and sets up a plan to help the company come into compliance with its permit. Last May, an explosion caused by aluminum dust at […]

City Considers Rubbertown Company Proposal to Switch Away From Toxic Chemical

A company in Louisville’s Rubbertown neighborhood wants to change the chemicals it uses in the production of synthetic rubber. The Air Pollution Control District held a public hearing on the request today. American Synthetic Rubber uses a solvent called toluene to produce rubber, and toluene is regulated as a category 2 toxic substance under the […]

DuPont Fined for Permit Violations at Rubbertown Plant

The Louisville Air Pollution Control Board voted today to approve a settlement between the city and DuPont for permit violations at the company’s Rubbertown plant. The board order fines the company $51,000. The Air Pollution Control District says DuPont’s facility on Camp Ground Road routinely failed to complete required inspections of its equipment. Enforcement and […]