Humana Plays Look at the End of Life, and What Happens if There Isn’t One

With just over a week left in the Humana Festival of New American Plays, WFPL’s Erin Keane is still interviewing playwrights and giving us her take on the new work premiering at Actors Theatre. She joined us on Friday’s State of the News to review Lucas Hnath’s “Death Tax,” a psychological thriller about end-of-life issues […]

Humana Festival Play Examines Sinister Side of Customer Service

Few critical terms are as overused as “Kafkaesque,” which has come to serve as shorthand for tedious bureaucratic snarls of all stripes. But Lisa Kron’s “The Ver**on Play,” a dark yet broad comedy about the hidden machinations and motivations of faceless corporations bent on crushing their customers’ spirits, does its best to live up to […]

Humana Festival of New American Plays Opens at Actors Theatre

It starts with a script that fights its way past nearly 1,000 competing stories to the top of the stack and onto the final bill. It ends with the thrill of discovery, as audiences experience the new work for the first time. The 36th Humana Festival of New American Plays opened Wednesday at Actors Theatre […]

Actors Theatre’s A Christmas Story Tells a Tale of Holidays Past

In Actors Theatre of Louisville’s new production of A Christmas Story, it’s striking how distinctly the emotions of the characters resonate, while at the same time, the world those characters inhabit feels fundamentally different from the world outside the theatre. The play is largely faithful to the original screenplay, and captures the purity and ferocity […]

Actors Theatre’s Dracula Fights Vampire Hunters (and Other Vampires)

Don’t be fooled by the script in Actors Theatre of Louisville’s production of Dracula; it would have you believe that Count Dracula’s enemy is the vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing. But that’s a bloody lie. Van Helsing may be the nemesis of Dracula, the character, but Dracula, the play, has a rogues gallery all its […]

Actors Theatre Hopes to Attract Crowds With Building Renovations

Actors Theatre of Louisville has unveiled several improvements to its downtown Louisville headquarters. The Actors Theatre building is across the street from the KFC Yum center. Until recently, there was little outward indication of what was inside. But that’s changed. Using $450,000 in grants and donations, Actors Theatre has renovated its lobby and refurbished the […]