Personal Epiphanies

Fifty years ago Trappist Monk and now renowned spiritual writer Thomas Merton experienced his first personal epiphany at the corner of Fourth and Walnut Streets in downtown Louisville. Have you had an experience that changed your life? Today we learn more about Merton’s epiphany and hear from some ordinary folks who’ve experienced their own transforming moments.

Home-Based Businesses

If you’re tired of the corporate world and intrigued by the idea of being your own boss… if you’re a parent who wants to stay at home with the kids without sacrificing your income… if you have a hobby and your friends constantly say, “You could make a living from that”… then you’ve probably been tempted by the idea of starting a home based business. Today we learn what’s really involved in running a successful business from home.

Spring Gardening

Friday, March 14, 2008 Spring Gardening It’s that time of year again – the weather’s warming up, the ground is thawing out, the birds are coming back to the north, and it’s time to start working on the garden again. What should be pruned and planted now, and what should wait until summer or fall?… Continue reading Spring Gardening

Ask Attorney General Jack Conway

From dealing with identity theft to sexual predators to education scams, the Commonwealth’s Attorney General is responsible for looking out for all Kentuckians. Jack Conway, the newly elected Attorney General, has wasted no time in continuing this mission. Join us on Thursday when we talk to Attorney General Conway about his vision and call with your questions.

Single Moms by Choice

People once pitied single moms, shouldering all the financial and emotional burdens of parenthood without a partner’s help. But now, more and more single women are making a conscious choice to have children, either through adoption or reproductive technologies like artificial insemination, and raise them on their own. Today we’ll discuss the pros and cons of the decision to become a single mom.

A Look at the Construction Industry

In the US, construction is a trillion dollar industry, and a new book claims we waste $120 billion annually on inefficiency caused by inept workers, poor management, weak contracts, and jumbled regulations and codes. But what is the real story? Join us Tuesday when take a look a the construction industry.

Pet Nutrition

Until recently, many pet owners’ approach to pet nutrition consisted of buying pet food at the grocery store, and feeding it to their pets. But the widespread recall of cat and dog food last year brought issues of pet food and pet nutrition to the nation’s attention. Today we learn more about how to meet our pets’ nutritional needs, while still feeding them foods they like to eat.

Raising Boys

If you’ve paid attention lately, you’ve probably heard that American boys are in crisis – lagging behind educationally, and disconnected from their masculinity. Today we look at the status of boys, and see what challenges are involved in raising boys today.

Differing Perspectives on the Civil War

There’s something about the Civil War that captures the American imagination. The battle of brother against brother lends itself to dramatization, and it’s been the subject of countless films and books – more than a few of which are the product of historian and author James McPherson. He joins us today to talk about the war from the differing perspectives of participants, and those of us looking back.

Dogs Behaving Badly

Over the past week the Metro Louisville Dog Ordinance was overturned – or at least two versions of the ordinance were ruled invalid. As we wait to see what the decision is on the ordinance passed in December 2007, now seems like a good time to talk about dog behavior. Experts from the Kentucky Humane Society will be on hand to tackle your toughest dog training challenges.