Colon Cancer

STATE OF AFFAIRS 03/08/11: Recent statistics list Louisville as the fourth highest city in the nation for colon cancer deaths. Estimates are that 60% of current colon cancer deaths could be prevented with regular screening, but not all who are at-risk are regularly screened. We’ll talk to medical professionals and a colon cancer survivor from the Colon Cancer Prevention Project about causes, treatments, and prevention.  Listen to the Show

Ending Modern Slavery

STATE OF AFFAIRS 03/07/11: Dr. Kevin Bales’ blueprint to end modern slavery earned him this year’s Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order. It’s estimated that 27 million people are enslaved; human trafficking and slavery are intertwined with many facets of the global economy. In Dr. Bales’ book Ending Slavery: How We Free Today’s Slaves, he outlines a plan under which he believes slavery can be stopped within 30 years at a cost of less than $20 billion. Join us Monday when we talk with Dr. Bales about his work.  Listen to the Show

State of the News

STATE OF AFFAIRS 03/04/11: The Louisville Metro Ethics Commission will hold a hearing this month on a complaint filed against Councilwoman Judy Green; Phillip Bailey joins us with the details. A skirmish between some Louisville arts leaders and Fund for the Arts chief Allen Cowan made the news this week, and we’ll also check in with the C-J’s Jim Carroll to find out what’s new in Washington. Tune in to State of the News for analysis of these and other stories.  Listen to the Show

Should the Government Fund Public Broadcasting?

STATE OF AFFAIRS 03/03/11: Should the federal government continue to fund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting? That question has of course been the source of passionate debate in recent times, although efforts to cut or eliminate such funding have surfaced periodically for years. We’ll hear different views on the subject, and invite you to weigh in on government funding for public broadcasting today on State of Affairs.  Listen to the Show

Emotional Disabilities in Children

STATE OF AFFAIRS 03/02/11: We like to think of children as exuberantly carefree, but what about those who suffer from severe emotional disabilities including PTSD, depression, and behavioral disorders? How do these children learn to conquer their disability and enjoy lives free from emotional chaos? We talk with our guests about their efforts to help these special needs children, therapy treatments they employ, and what the future holds in terms of better care in Kentucky for children with emotional disabilities. Join us to learn more.  Listen to the Show

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Resources for People with Mental Illnesses

STATE OF AFFAIRS 03/01/11: Over the past few decades, progress has been made in understanding the physiology of mental illness, leading to improved therapies and mediations. But advocates say many people in need of treatment are unable to get it, for a variety of reasons. We’ll find out what resources and services exist our community to provide treatment and improve quality of life for people living with mental illnesses – and what’s being done to prevent patients from falling through the cracks.  Listen to the Show

The Future of the Iron Quarter

STATE OF AFFAIRS 02/28/11: A row of historic buildings downtown on Main Street has been at the center of a controversy that continues to swirl. Developer Todd Blue, who owns the buildings, says they’re unable to be saved. He wants to demolish the structures to make way for something new. Preservationists are crying foul; they say the developer isn’t doing (or spending) as much as he could to save the buildings. Meanwhile, the city has given the green light to demolition, while conducting an investigation into the feasibility of preserving the buildings, or at least their facades. Today we tackle the issue on State of Affairs. Call and tell us what you think should be done with the buildings of the Iron Quarter.  Listen to the Show

State of the News

STATE OF AFFAIRS 02/25/11: Democrats in Indiana’s house of Representatives are boycotting the Republican majority’s legislative agenda, we’ll have analysis on that, as well as the recent actions in the Kentucky General Assembly. The Metro Ethics Commission met this week to determine whether a hearing is needed on allegations of misconduct by Councilwoman Judy Green, so we’ll cover that and other Louisville metro news, this week on State of the News.  Listen to the Show

Impact of The Feminine Mystique

STATE OF AFFAIRS 02/24/11: In the early 1960’s one book revolutionized a generation of American women. The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan pulled no punches in talking about the state of women’s lives and inspiring those women to fight for equality. In her recent book, author Stephanie Coontz looks at the effects of Betty Friedan’s writing & activism, how the message of Mystique has stood the test of time, and how the feminist movement has grown and changed over the last forty years. We’ll talk about it this Thursday; join us with your thoughts.  Listen to the Show

Books That Changed Our Lives

STATE OF AFFAIRS 02/23/11: We all have our favorite reads – the mysteries, romances, and thrillers we reach for on a rainy day. But what about the book that became a part of us? The story and characters that climbed into our hearts and never left, changing our perspective forever? This hour our guests share with us the works that influenced them, and we want to hear from you about the book, or books, that changed your life. Join in with your best-loved titles!  Listen to the Show