Lose a job to Facebook?

On August 19th State of Affairs will be discussing Employers, Privacy and Social Media. It’s a fancy title that simply means, did your pictures of you doing an upside down tequila shot at your favorite college bar cost you that great job at the accounting firm? Or you, what about those “private” pictures you posted… Continue reading Lose a job to Facebook?

Has a Movie Changed Your Life?

Has a movie changed your life?

Now that’s a big question. Or maybe not a big question, but a big responsibility for a movie. Tuesday on State of Affairs, our show is about movies that have changed your life. It wasn’t our idea (I’ll confess), but part of this year’s IdeaFestival (all movie submissions can be found here). Well here at WFPL we’ve been discussing the topic on and off for about a week. I don’t know what it says about news people, but so far no one has admitted to a movie that has changed their life.

Summer Reading Memories

Today was our annual Summer Reading show where guests in various book-related professions joined the show to talk about their picks for summer reading. Just as important were your calls and suggestions. It is one of my favorite shows for several reasons. One, I am an avid reader, not as much since becoming the State of Affairs’ producer (and Studio 619 interviewer), but I still feel incomplete if I’m not reading at least two books.

Foodies and Audubon

f you were listening on Tuesday, you heard our rollicking show on Being a Foodie. Foodies are very passionate – and sometimes a little nutty. I know because I too am a foodie. So how does one “become” a foodie. Honestly, I think it’s just something you either have or you don’t – let me explain.

You're a Cancer Survivor. Congratulations?

Today’s State of Affairs about cancer survivorship was especially meaningful for me – I’m a breast cancer survivor who just hit the one-year mark back in April. And since I was diagnosed under the age of 30, I share concerns with many other people facing long-term survivorship (besides the number one concern – that the cancer will come back). How much longer will I live – and will it be long enough to experience detrimental effects from my cancer treatments? And since I’m young and could still have decades of life ahead, the use of scans has to be judicious, since the radiation they expose you to is cumulative throughout your life span.

State of Affairs: Remembrance of Shows Past

Every once in a while, I come across an article that would have been great to have on hand for a past show. Sometimes new information on a topic is so profoundly different that it warrants a whole new show on that topic. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t, and that’s where this post comes in.

Do Relationships Change after Dramatic Weight Loss?

Today on the show, we heard from listeners who felt they were treated differently after they lost a significant amount of weight. For some people, their friends and families were less than enthusiastic about their new, smaller selves. A caller said her family acted like she’d lost weight just to show them up (the rest… Continue reading Do Relationships Change after Dramatic Weight Loss?