HomeGrown 07/17/11 – Dandelions and Sheep

On this episode, HomeGrown looks at the growing importance of sheep in Kentuckiana agriculture, and the culinary and medicinal properties of dandelions.  Dr. Peter Gail – author of many books and articles on dandelions and foraging – offers information and recipes on doing something with the weed besides cursing it.  Meanwhile, Kentucky lamb expert Jim […]

HomeGrown 08/15/10 – Fair Oaks Farms & Preserving Without Freezing or Canning

In what could be its last regularly scheduled show in a nine-year run, HomeGrown this week finds a way to combine the solitary canning of zucchini in the kitchen with the milking of 32,000 cows on a 10-farm dairy operation. Bob and Jeneen talk with Gary Corbett, CEO of Fair Oaks Farms in northern Indiana about his novel operation that takes family farming to a grand scale, while giving visitors a look behind the scenes. Then it’s a stop at Jeneen Wiche’s kitchen for a hands-on look at preserving zucchini and beans the old fashioned way – using vinegar and oil. Downloadable MP3

HomeGrown 08/08/10 – LNA, Bird Problems & Aquatic Plants

HomeGrow mixes air, water, dirt, plants and birds this week with interviews on local nursery owners, birds behaving badly, and water gardens. Louisville Nursery Association vice-president Ben Cecil has information on that organization and its enhanced website; Dr. Rob Fergus talks about humane but effective ways of dealing with marauding birds; and author Greg Speichert swims Bob and Jeneen through the best water plants. Downloadable MP3