LG&E Faces Resistance From Neighbors, Geology on Proposed Trimble County Ash Landfill

Louisville Gas and Electric is meeting resistance from residents and the state Division of Waste Management over a proposed coal ash landfill near its Trimble County power station. The company already stores ash—which is the waste that’s leftover after coal is burned—in landfills and ponds at its Mill Creek and Cane Run power plants in […]

Mild Winter Brings Welcome Respite and Mixed Blessings

Listen to the story: This winter could to go into the books as one of this region’s milder cold weather seasons. The moderate conditions have been a welcome relief to most, but a mixed blessing to some. You might think south Louisville hardware store owner Mike Girard has been taking a financial hit with slower […]

In Depth: Paul Hornung Recalls Super Bowl I; Hornung Award To Be Presented Tonight

Tonight in Louisville, a national award will be presented to college football’s most versatile player. It’s called the Paul Hornung Award, named for the Louisville native who excelled at several positions during Hall of Fame careers at Notre Dame and the Green Bay Packers in the 1950s and 60s. For Hornung, this Super Bowl week […]

Louisville Exhibits Mark Civil War Sesquicentennial

Listen to the story: The commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War is now in full swing across the country and two exhibits in Louisville explore Kentucky’s unique position as a Civil War border state.      At the Filson Historical Society, there’s a new exhibit called “United We Stand – Divided We Fall.” It […]

Shakespeare Behind Bars to Stage “Romeo and Juliet”

The Luther Luckett Correctional Complex in Oldham County is home to about 1100 felons and one unusual theatre company. It’s an all-inmate ensemble called Shakespeare Behind Bars. For sixteen years, the group has staged full productions of plays like Hamlet and Macbeth and Julius Casear. Each year, they do a series of performances, some for […]

Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Panel Discussion

Throughout November, we presented a series of radio stories honoring and celebrating immigrant entrepreneurs in our community. The five-part series culminated with a public forum in our performance studio. Phillip M. Bailey interviewed Louisvillians about the struggles, sacrifices and successes of their lives and businesses. The conversation covered everything from discrimination to the challenges that […]

Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Cedric Francois

Cedric Francois describes the human immune system in military terms: scout cells go out looking for enemies, then signal the soldier cells to attack and destroy them. The drug therapies he’s worked to develop focus on the scout cells, which can give the wrong instructions to the fighter cells under their command. Cedric has co-founded […]

In Depth: Catholics Preparing For Liturgy Changes

Sunday marks the beginning of the season of Advent in the Roman Catholic Church—-the spiritual preparation for Christmas. But it will also mark a major milestone for millions of Catholics across the country, including the 200,000 members of the Archdiocese of Louisville. Sweeping changes to the church liturgy–the ritual prayers recited during Mass—go into effect. […]

Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Papa Gueye

Papa Gueye says he came to the United States for the same reasons many immigrants do: “Looking for new opportunities, escaping persecution, trying to better our lives.” After spending a few months in New York City, Papa came to Louisville in 1997 on the advice of a friend, who told him it was a nice […]