Libraries Look for Help to Meet Demand for Broadband

Think of libraries — you think of books. But these days many more people in rural communities are also thinking of computers because libraries have become primary places for people to access the broadband internet connections. And meeting that growing demand has been a concern for Wayne Onkst, the State Librarian and Commissioner with the […]

More about Newspapers

The recession is obvious at newspapers these days, with most reducing space for news coverage (in part because they are getting fewer ads) and sending reporters and other staff on furloughs. Local publishers have been making the case that they will survive the recession by tightening their belts and promoting their products. (WFPL aired a […]

A Louisvillian Learning the Legacy of Alvin Ailey

Today, NPR’s “Morning Edition” aired a feature about the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, which is on a world tour celebrating its 50th anniversary. Next week, it comes to the Kentucky Center. Although Ailey died in 1989, his legacy lives on through the company that performs his works and commissions pieces by other choreographers. It […]

A Sportingly Brief History of “The Star Spangled Banner”

The Early and Not-So-Early Years Birth of a Song: In 1812, Francis Scott Key wrote new lyrics for a popular song. World War I: Patriotic ceremonies were common at baseball games. Official, Take 1: In 1916, Woodrow Wilson decreed a presidential order that made the song the official anthem of the United States. The First: […]

Louisville Ballet’s Executive Director Resigns

The Louisville Ballet just put out this press release: David P. Calzi, President of the Board of Directors for the Louisville Ballet announced today that Jack R. Lemmon, the executive director of the Company since 2003, has made a decision to leave the Louisville Ballet effective December 31, 2008.  Mr. Lemmon has accepted the same […]

Obama’s Victory Means High Expectations for Arts

During the primary campaign, some journalists reported on what the candidates were proposing for the arts. Early on, arts leaders and enthusiasts buzzed about how Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and Republican candidate. (During his tenure, Huckabee supported arts education, including music and art instruction by certified teachers in elementary school.) Senators Barack Obama […]