Lose a job to Facebook?

On August 19th State of Affairs will be discussing Employers, Privacy and Social Media. It’s a fancy title that simply means, did your pictures of you doing an upside down tequila shot at your favorite college bar cost you that great job at the accounting firm? Or you, what about those “private” pictures you posted… Continue reading Lose a job to Facebook?


How many of us decry the business practices implemented by Walmart and other big box stores – saying we want the minimum wage to be higher and for companies to provide better benefits to their employees – then shop there anyway because it’s cheap? Maybe we complain when prices go up, not thinking it may be because being a more ethical company costs more money, which is passed on to the shopper. This disconnect between being a savvy consumer and being a good citizen is at the heart of former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich’s book, “Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life.” Listen to the Show

Adressing Youth Violence

Maybe it’s a story you saw on the news about a crime in another neighborhood, or just maybe it’s your next door neighbor, or your son. Youth violence affects every neighborhood and violent youth live in all different types of households. The reasons teens turn violent are as varied as the teens themselves, but there are warning signs, socio-economic conditions and behavior patterns that can help predict which kids might turn violent. Listen to the Show

Ethical Challenges in Stem Cell Research

Embryonic stem cells are usually harvested from surplus human embryos created for women using alternate fertility methods. The cells are valuable to researchers because they are like blank slates – they can be manipulated into becoming almost any kind of cell in the human body, in a way that adult stem cells cannot. Scientists say stem cell research may hold the key to curing diseases and repairing injuries, but opponents say using embryos in this way is unethical and causes the end of a human. Listen to the Show

Do Looks Matter?

It’s bad enough that beautiful people get more dates than average-looking people. Research has now shown that they also make more money, get more job offers, are less likely to be called out on bad behavior, and even get more parental attention as kids than their average-looking siblings! On the other hand, attractiveness can actually keep women from being taken seriously at work – and studies show that hotties of both genders aren’t as confident or happy as we might expect. Listen to the Show

Has a Movie Changed Your Life?

Has a movie changed your life?

Now that’s a big question. Or maybe not a big question, but a big responsibility for a movie. Tuesday on State of Affairs, our show is about movies that have changed your life. It wasn’t our idea (I’ll confess), but part of this year’s IdeaFestival (all movie submissions can be found here). Well here at WFPL we’ve been discussing the topic on and off for about a week. I don’t know what it says about news people, but so far no one has admitted to a movie that has changed their life.

Tech Talk Summer 2008

Web browser Firefox 3 was released last month and immediately set a world record for most downloads in a single day. Grand Theft Auto IV is selling well despite (or maybe because of) its controversial content, and Nintendo’s new game Wii Fit is even more impossible to come by than the elusive Wii console itself. Meanwhile, cell phone driving laws are boosting sales of hands-free extensions for phones and PDAs. Listen to the Show

The History of Marriage

Marriage, an institution so commonplace in America, and indeed the world, that its ceremonies and rituals are practically taken for granted. But what are the origins of this ubiquitous tradition and its trappings: the wedding ring, white gown or bachelor party? What makes a “good” marriage today, and how has this idea been shaped and transformed throughout the ages? Listen to the Show

Summer Reading Memories

Today was our annual Summer Reading show where guests in various book-related professions joined the show to talk about their picks for summer reading. Just as important were your calls and suggestions. It is one of my favorite shows for several reasons. One, I am an avid reader, not as much since becoming the State of Affairs’ producer (and Studio 619 interviewer), but I still feel incomplete if I’m not reading at least two books.

Foodies and Audubon

f you were listening on Tuesday, you heard our rollicking show on Being a Foodie. Foodies are very passionate – and sometimes a little nutty. I know because I too am a foodie. So how does one “become” a foodie. Honestly, I think it’s just something you either have or you don’t – let me explain.