KY Bridges Need Repair

A year after the I-35 bridge collapsed in Minneapolis, federal and state officials are speaking out about the need to repair or replace aging bridges. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer reports. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says about 2,800 bridges throughout Kentucky require repairs during a time when costs are rising and state revenues are declining. The state […]

Indian Head Rock: A Story in Five Scenes

Scene 1. October, 1891. Indian Head rock is submerged in the Ohio River. A reporter from the Portsmouth Times in Ohio is watching two men row a skiff across the river toward Kentucky. They’re searching for signs of a sunken rock, a rock with historic carvings. Mostly the carvings are a kind of vintage graffiti. […]

Kentucky's Freshwater Mussels: Endangered but Coming Back

“Find one?”Biologist Fritz Vorsek pops out of the stream and lifts up his mask and snorkel.  He’s spotted a rather small mussel nestled in the stream bed.  He trudges toward the bank to hand it to fellow department of fish and wildlife biologist Monte McGregor, who will give it a closer look.  They’re combing a […]

Marketplace in Dubai

Marketplace: The Economic Future of the New Middle East
Dubai, UAE: March 10-14 2008

Kai Ryssdal broadcasts live from Dubai in one of the fastest growing regions in the world—the Gulf. Here we turn the page from the old Middle East to the new, looking at the economic future of the Gulf. In the next 15 years, the Gulf will reap the benefits of a $3 trillion dollar windfall from oil. But the question isn’t about oil; it’s about what they can do to diversify their economies.