Kindergarten Students Could Soon Be Screened For School Readiness

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) has contracted with a private company to implement a kindergarten screener program, but the state still needs to approve the regulatory to require all public schools to screen incoming students. If approved this summer, the screening would help teachers determine how prepared students are before entering school by assessing […]

U of L Students Displaced by Fire Have Temporary Housing, Classes Resume After 4 pm

A dozen University of Louisville students were displaced by a fire in their residence hall after lighting struck the building early Tuesday, but officials say the building can house the students in other rooms until a more permanent solution is found. Providence, the privately-run student housing complex located near U of L’s Belknap Campus, caught […]

Kentucky Shifts Funding for Blind Services to Non-State Organizations

Slashes to Kentucky’s budget are affecting the state’s School for the Blind, but the state is boosting funds for private agencies that provide related services for younger children. Louisville’s Visually Impaired Preschools Services, VIPS, is one of three non-profits that don’t fall under any state department to get a funding boost in this year’s budget. […]

Community Support Needed Following West Louisville Shootings

Louisville city officials say they need cooperation from the community while investigations continue into Thursday’s shootings. Several community leaders met with the mayor and police Friday, to discuss steps going forward. Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad said there are three elements to the response to Thursday’s shootings. The first is the investigation. Conrad said […]

Fischer and Conrad Address Thursday’s Shootings

Louisville Metro police will increase patrols in the West End in response to two shootings that left three people dead and three others injured. The first shooting was between a group of men in the Parkland and Victory Park neighborhoods. Police were called to the scene. Shortly afterward, a second round of shooting began nearby. […]