Fairness Group Says Berea Protections Would Not Be Costly

The group Bereans for Fairness has released a set of predictions about what would happen if the city banned discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation.

The Berea City Council is considering creating a human rights commission and tasking it with enforcing a fairness law. Berea would become the fourth Kentucky city to do so, following Louisville, Lexington and Covington.

Opponents of the measure, including the city’s mayor, often cite the difficulty and cost of enforcing such regulations. But the Bereans for Fairness report looks at existing enforcement and concludes that a Berea Human Rights Commission would not be very busy with LGBT cases. It estimates that there would be one complaint every two years, with one out of every ten requiring an administrative hearing. Given that, the report concludes that enforcement would cost about $750 per year.

The Mayor of Berea did not return a request for comment.

To see the report, click here.