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More Mulch? City Faces 2nd Round of Tree Debris

This week’s ice storm has snapped trees and scattered branches throughout the Commonwealth.  It’s hard to tell yet what the outlook will be for Louisville’s parks and tree-lined streets.

Parks crews are in emergency response mode: they’re helping road crews and electricity repair crews clear trees.  They haven’t even begun to address parks themselves, where trees also suffered lots of damage. Still, parks department spokesman Jerry Brown says it’s too soon to tell anything about how the parks will look once the debris is removed.

“The trees that are just simply bent over will recover, for the most part, although it’s very hard to evaluate initially because there are certain stresses and damage that occurs that may not be immediately visible,” says Brown.

Brown says parks crews will help take debris not only from parks but also from roads and parts of town to central areas for chipping and mulching.  Not that they need it: last September’s wind storm felled enough trees to keep the city in a steady supply of mulch for a long time to come.