KSP Limited to Two-Percent Budget Cuts

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear is ordering most state agencies to trim spending by four-percent, but he’s limiting Kentucky State Police to two-percent cuts. That’s good news to Justice Secretary Michael Brown, who says KSP’s current force strength is at a 30-year low and demands are growing.

“2010, Kentucky will be hosting the world at the Equestrian Games. That’s Ryder Cup times four,” says Brown. “State Police will be the main contact agency for the security there, working along, of course with Fayette County and the federal agencies.”

Brown says KSP has 56 recruits for a cadet class that begins in January and he won’t let budget cuts jeopardize the class.

KSP’s authorized force strength is 1,070, but Brown says the goal has never been achieved. Current force strength is around 900.

Brown says total cuts to agencies under his direction, including Juvenile Justice and the Department of Corrections, total almost six-million dollars.