LMPD Name Suspect In Gotlib Case

Gotlib AnnouncementThe Louisville Metro Police Department says a man they interviewed in 1984 is most likely behind the disappearance of Ann Gotlib from the Bashford Manor Mall one year earlier.

Police have named the now-deceased Greg Louis Oakley Junior as the main suspect in the Gotlib case. He was sent to prison in 1984 for assaulting a 13 year old girl, and he was interviewed about Gotlib at that time. Retired Detective Bobby Jones worked on the case. He says he was told the FBI would handle further interviews with Oakley.

“I believe the case was not handled properly at the time,” he says. “I think if we’d had a chief like you have now, lieutenant, a sergeant, and I’d been working for them, we’d have solved the case back in ’84.”

The LMPD resumed investigating Oakley when his former girlfriend gave them new information earlier this year.

“I would say if I wasn’t talking to you right now and he was alive, we’d be talking to him right now,” says LMPD Lt. Barry Wilkerson. “That’s how I’m sure that we’d be speaking with him as the main suspect.”

LMPD officials say they will keep the case open and continue to gather evidence.