$768 Thousand Spent On Shawnee Pavillion

Shawnee Park PavillionA $768,000 dollar renovation of the Shawnee Park Pavilion in west Louisville has been completed.

The more than 80 year old structure received new roof, walls and ceilings. $383,000 for the project came from Metro Parks. The remaining $385,000 needed for the renovations came from Brown-Forman and the Olmstead Parks Conservancy.

One person at Wednesday’s dedication ceremony, crime prevention teacher Donnie Morris, said he’d like to see some funds committed toShawnee Park Pavillion other initiatives in west Louisville.

“Our area is heavily saturated with crime and drugs and we’re talking about $768,000 for a building that in another 100 years is going to disintegrate,” he says.

Mimi Zinniel with the Olmstead Parks Conservancy says rebuilding parks helps improve neighborhoods, and the conservancy has projects planned around the city.